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Free and Open Content

I want to consider a distinction between free open source software, and free and open content.  
Teemu Leinonen 
brings us this picture of the evolution of educational technology:    
Leinonen describes our current state as social software and free and open content. I think we confuse the issue be assuming that all social software is free open source software. The important components in our classrooms and for our learners are the availability of social software together with free and open content.

Rather than focusing on whether the “free-ness” of open source social software, I think the real attractiveness of open source lies within its roots – the collaborative social learning environment.    Let’s bring that KIND of technology and thinking into our schools, whether it be open source or not. 

And then let’s focus on sharing content – openly and freely. 


One Response

  1. I was looking at Will Richardson’s blog and found this article “Why Would We Ever Pay For Something We Can Get For Free? where he’s talking about Kevin Kelly’s writing. I thought you’d be interested.


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