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Identity 2.0

Identity management is a very important part of supporting our Web 2.0 experience. Thanks to a tweet from Matt I just watched Dick Hardt from Sxip Identity, a Canadian company, talk about Identity 2.0. Just as we describe learning with the learner at the centre, Identity 2.0 puts the user at the centre.


3 Responses

  1. When I did my intro video for the course, this was my inspiration … of course not NEARLY as well done.

  2. A teacher forwarded that to me and we kind of had a text discussion tonite as it was going on. I absolutely loved his presentation style. The pace was quick…the presentation included simple images and small chunks of text, which to me made it more memorable.

    And of course I think we can all identify with the 40 different online accounts that we maintain and all of the separate logins. I’m hoping Sxip can help make Identity 2.0 a much needed reality in a web 2.0 world.


  3. Right away I was thinking…this is a very Lessig-style, just a bit faster paced. Sure enough, he thanks Lessig at the end.

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