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Meme: Passion Quilt

Dean Shareski passed this my way.

Technology Enables the Democratization of Learning
……….Creative Commons License…………………………………………….

Here are the rules:

* Post a picture from a source like FlickrCC or Flickr Creative
Commons or make/take your own that captures what YOU are most
passionate about for kids to learn about…and give your picture a short

* Title your blog post “Meme: Passion Quilt” and link back to this blog entry.

* Include links to 5 folks in your professional learning network or whom you follow on Twitter/Pownce.

Okay, Here’s my list. (If you’re not familiar with these folks, check them out and add them to your reader)

    Lorna Costantini
    Matt Montagne
    Kate Olson
    Vanessa Van Petten
    Jaymie Koroluk

4 Responses

  1. You’re the second one to tag me on this, so I PROMISE I’ll do it this weekend! Thanks for including me!

  2. A post from Shaun brought me back to my own post. He challenged us to name someone who has influenced us. Here was my response:

    Hi Shaun. In response to your question, I have been influenced by Dr. Richard Elmore from Harvard University. His work on accountability is premised on a framed balance of teacher and student in the presence of content. It is this latter concept which leads to a discussion of who owns the learning. And further, what role does technology play? This conversation contributed to my understanding of the significant role that technology plays in the democratization of learning – the very essence of public education. Public education is for all learners, and technology makes learning more accessible for all. My Meme: Passion Quilt blog post speaks to this same issue. So when you posted your comment challenge I just had to respond.

  3. […] I was actually tagged by 2 bloggers for this meme: Diane Cordell and Cindy Seibel.  […]

  4. […] to click back through the blogosphere to see what others have done. Some I liked the most are from Cindy Seibel, Dean Shareski, and Sharon […]

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